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Taking a bath is not only fundamental to maintaining good personal hygiene, it also offers the therapy of soaking aching joints and muscles in warm water.


  • Ultra-lightweight and compact
  • Good legroom A slimline, fixed-back design
  • No complex and expensive adaptations
  • Safe and simple to use


  • Ultra-lightweight compact and unimposing Splash is the lightest battery-powered bath lift available*, yet can comfortably lift a weight of 20 stone.
  • It is the ideal choice if you need to take it in and out of the bath regularly or with you on holidays. Its trim, subtle design makes Splash easy to carry and store. When left in its lowest position in the bath, it is barely noticeable!
  • Good legroom A slimline, fixed-back design allows it to fit close to the back of the bath, helping to optimise bathing space.
  • Combined with a seat that sits low in the bottom of the bath, you will be able to immerse yourself in the water.
  • No complex and expensive adaptations Suitable for most bath types, Splash simply sits at the back of your existing bath and is attached securely with 4 suction feet.
  • Safe and simple to use Don’t worry about electricity in your bathroom! Splash is powered by a completely waterproof, rechargeable battery hand control.
  • This hand control is slim with easy-to-press buttons and ideal if you have small or arthritic hands. A built-in battery monitoring system also indicates when recharging is needed.
  • Easy to clean A basic, uncomplicated design makes Splash simple to clean. Even if you leave it in the bath most of the time, you can still easily clean your bath around it.

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