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The new Casa Nuova 4 is manufactured from metal steel tube, which is more robust and longer lasting for the Community Market. Easy to clean/disinfect makes this bed ideal for infection control.


  • Electric backrest, leg rest & lower leg elevation
  • Reverse trendelenburg tilt function
  • Easy to use 9 button handset


  • Reverse trendelenburg tilt function is supplied on all Casa Nuova 4 beds as standard
  • Optional full trendelenburg tilt function is available on request
  • Battery back up also available on request
  • Optional Patient Helper available
  • A 9 button handset with tilt option (reverse trendelenburg) is supplied as standard
  • Optional bed extension
  • Side rails can be a hindrance if dementia patients try and climb over them at night
  • This four section fully profiling bed has electric backrest, leg rest, knee brake & lower leg elevation
  • There are quick release pins on all actuators, together with emergency lowering
  • New colour coded handsets are available

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