What types of mobility scooters are there to choose from?

There are 3 main types of mobility scooters, Travel Scooters, Pavement Scooters, also known as Class 2 Scooters, and 6-8mph Scooters. Travel Scooters can either be folded down or disassembled so are great for travelling and day trips out. Pavement scooters have a maximum speed of 4mph making them ideal to travel on pavements and are great for short distance trips to the local shops. 6-8mph scooters are suitable to ridden on the roads and to travel longer distances faster.

Choosing the right scooter for you

If you are somebody who enjoys days out the Travel Scooter is the best scooter for you because it can be folded down or disassembled to fit nicely into the boot of your car. If you prefer to stay closer to home and enjoy a trip to the shops or visiting nearby family and friends then the Pavement Scooter could be just for you. Alternatively if you are somebody who regularly travels longer distances then the 6-8mph Scooter is the Mobility Scooter for you. With bigger batteries they are suited to journeys up to 25 miles. They have front and rear lights, hazard lights, rear-view mirror, horn and brakes.

What to consider when buying a Mobility Scooter

It is important to find the right mobility scooter to suit your needs. Some examples of things you should consider are:

  • Do you struggle to get on and off your mobility scooter safely? If so, do you need a swivel seat for easier access.
  • Do you travel at night? If so, do you need reflectors or lights on your mobility scooter.
  • Do you need a scooter with a tiller and controls you can operate if you suffer with arthritic fingers.
  • Choose a mobility scooter suitable to your weight, if you are too heavy the scooter will become unstable and you could invalidate your warranty.