A visual guide to adding and editing products


Adding and Editing Products

First once logged into the dashboard of the website, hover over ‘Products’ and select ‘All Products’:


Then click on a product to edit, or select ‘Add New’ to add a new product:


Adding and Editing Products

Below is an image with a list of numbers. Scroll to below the image to see what each numeric key does.


Populate this field to add a title to the product

2 This is the permalink/URL which the page will be located on. This will be automatically populated after the title field is entered, however this can be changed by clicking ‘Edit’

3 This field will allow you to select various images from the media gallery for the large main product image. To upload a new image, just click the ‘Upload Files’ tab in the top left.

4 Similar to the main product field, this field allows you to select an image from the media gallery to populate the various other images below the main image. To select multiple images from the library, hold CTRL whilst clicking the images you wish to add.

5 This list of checkbox inputs allow you to select which of the categories you wish to add this product to. Should you wish to add a product to the ‘Reconditioned Scooters’ page, select the category ‘Reconditioned’

6 This textarea will populate the short rationalised description. This appears directly under the product title in orange.

7 This field will add a price to the product.

8 To add an SKU to the product, click the ‘Inventory’ tab and you will find a field labelled SKU.

9 This box will take in the description of a product which will appear under the title and above the SKU on the product page.

Adding features to a product

10 To add features to a product, this must be formatted in a bullet point list to display correctly. Before entering the features content, click the list icon as seen in the screenshot below:

Adding Specifications

11 To add a specifications table to a product, this must be formatted in JSON. If you are unsure on how to format JSON, you can create a JSON file from an excel spreadsheet by copying the cells from an Excel spreadsheet into this website and clicking convert. This produce JSON code which can be added into this field to display the table. Alternatively if you wish to add JSON by hand, just follow the format below. Please ensure that the values are surrounded by quotation marks, the code is prepended with ‘[{‘ and appended with ‘}]’, and all of the keys and values have trailing commas EXCEPT for the final item.

Adding Downloadable Files

12 To add downloadable files, ensure you are in the ‘Paragraph’ formatting options and enter the text you would wish to have displayed. Then highlight the text and click the link icon to add a link to the paragraph. If you wish to add a title break up the content, use the formatting options ‘H4’ to add a title.

Previewing The Product Page

13 Once you feel the page is ready, first click ‘Preview’ to see how the page looks. This will open a new tab and display the page without the page being live.

Publishing The Product Page

14 If you are happy with how the page looks, click ‘Publish’ and the site will be rolled out to the live website.