Nevada Fabric (Beige)


The Nevada Riser Recliner features a Dual Motor mechanism allowing independent operation of the legrest and backrest. This provides numerous flexible recline options for finding the most comfortable position. The chair features a three tiered ‘waterfall’ back design and it is ergonomically contoured, providing extra comfort and support for the user.

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  • Two motors enable leg rest to be elevated/lowered and backrest to be reclined independently to give more flexible support options
  • Allows backrest to be positioned upright while leg rest is elevated, for example to watch TV
  • At a simple touch of a button, chair will smoothly rise and tilt user to standing position
  • This model has been Crib 5 tested for fire retardancy, so is suitable for use in Nursing, Care and Residential Homes
  • Backrest reclines almost fully to an excellent snooze position and can be stopped at any required position to suit
  • Ergonomically contoured seat and back enhances comfort
  • Three-tier waterfall back design provides extra support
  • Memory-foam seat upholstery helps distribute pressure for long periods in chair
  • Touch-responsive 4-button hand control is user-friendly and simple to use
  • Excellent quiet and smooth actions
  • Built-in convenient side pockets enable storing of items close-to-hand
  • Safety key function prevents accidental movement and potential entrapment of children/pets
  • Includes battery back up facility to enable chair to be brought to its normal position during power failure
  • 9V Battery Cell